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At Audiohead we have been carrying out installations in Ireland for many years, ranging from the largest Irish radio broadcast installations to the smallest studios. The key to our continued success is the ability to understand what the customers want and be able to provide an installation that suits their needs. Whether it be radio, television, recording studios, post production, theatres, live venues, home studios, clubs and bars, we're here to provide the full service you need.

When doing large scale installations, detail is the key to getting it right. Here is a sample drawing that shows the level of detail suppllied with installations.

RTE Belfast


Here is a selection of photos from some of our projects. Most of them speak for themselves (we hope). The photo from Darling harbour, Sydney, is of some of the speakers we installed (JBL control 24s which are in the metal surrounds) for that project. In total there were 437 speakers around the harbour area which were controlled by the Philips Media Matrix. It's one of the main tourist attractions in Sydney.


Audiohead was the nominated technical installation company for the new Today FM studios in Marconi House.
This was the largest radio installation in Ireland since the RTE radio centre was built in 1972.
We carried out the installation over 14 weeks with our
team of installers in conjunction with Today FM's techncal team.
This is a promotional video from Today FM which
shows off On Air One studio.